Our Story


Stereo FM is an Orlando Florida based band that specializes in corporate and private events best to suit your needs! They also offer multiple wedding packages including emcee services as well as fully inclusive professional sound and lighting. Stereo FM can also however, be seen all around Florida playing shows for the general public at theme parks and premier tourist venues across the state! 

This exclusive roster is made up of some of the most elite working musicians in the country. With backgrounds ranging from national tours, TV / movie credits, all the way to multiple degrees in music as well as audio production. 

Everyone can be considered a weapon individually, but when they come together a perfect "harmony" is formed. Which is why the groups vocal range dynamic is one of their strongest features to the audience! All members sing and can take on many different styles. 

With members from 4 different countries, the band's versatility is truly obvious.  

Stereo FM is a Self Contained, one stop shop which can provide PA / sound for your event as well as stage lighting and production. 

Make sure you stick around and sign up for the mailing list, as well as network on social media with @stereofmband. We love to keep in touch on twitter, instagram, facebook, youtube and of course here! Subscribe and request songs YOU want to hear!